Geno's Steaks

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address 1219 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA
phone (215) 389-0659


Geno's Steaks was started by Joe Vento back in 1966. He figured that if he was going to sell a steak, he had to be where they were already eating the "X" shaped intersection of 9th & Passyunk in South Philadelphia. Joe learned the cheese steak business from his father who in the early 1940's opened "Jim's Steaks". In 1966, Joe started "Geno's" with $6.00 in his pocket, 2 boxes of steaks and some hot dogs.


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Joey Vento, the owner of a landmark south Philadelphia cheesesteak stand who told customers to order in English, has died at age 71. (Aug. 24)

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"Order In English" Joey Vento of Geno's Steaks On Glenn Beck

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