30 locations for the tv show "$24 in 24"
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ABC the Tavern

Posted: 11/1/2012 10:16:56 PM

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An Ohio City institution, ABC the Tavern has been around for over 20 years. Randy Kelly and Linda Syrek reopened the ABC in 2009 bringing their knowledgeable service, huge drink selection, great food and fun vibe to W. 25th Street. They're proud to be part of the revitalization of this historical Cleveland neighborhood.

1872 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA

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Ann Sather Restaurant

Posted: 12/7/2012 10:03:07 PM

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We all started off with some coffee which we desperately needed after a late night of craziness. My friends ordered the waffle with strawberries which looked great although I didn't taste it. Another friend ordered the Swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam, which was amazing! The lingonberries are similar to cranberries and were sweet and delicious! I went for the crab cake benedict, which comes with two sides!

3411 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657, USA

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Artichoke Basille's Pizza

Posted: 11/25/2012 12:19:47 AM

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no description available

328 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

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Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter

Posted: 11/25/2012 12:28:58 AM

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Bobwhite Counter is a small restaurant with big aspirations. We want to make seasonal, responsible food something you can afford to enjoy on a regular basis. Maybe we’re biased, but we think that the spirit and soul of Southern cooking is a perfect way to do just that. Whether you want to sit down for a friendly meal or take something home, we hope you’ll enjoy our Southern-style chicken suppers, sandwiches, and seasonal vegetables all made from responsible, high-quality ingredients.

94 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009, USA

Caffe Paradiso

Posted: 11/23/2012 2:52:19 PM

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Welcome to Caffe Paradiso an authentic Italian caffe in Boston’s North End since 1962. It has truly been a privilege for us to bring a taste of Italy, day in and day out, to our Metropolitan and out-of-state patrons. Please stop by to savor the true “gusto” of our cappuccino, espresso, gelato or martini. We’re family run with a strong matriarch at the helm. Do stop and pay your respects, Do Not take her chair or you’ll hear about it.

255 Hanover Street Boston, MA 02113, USA

Cedar Park Cafe

Posted: 12/7/2012 9:24:18 PM

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no description available

4912 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA

Danny's Deli

Posted: 11/3/2012 3:52:06 PM

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I don't think you can miss here to be honest. I've gone here for breakfast several times and always got the breakfast burrito, which is really good. They put the hashbrowns inside which is never a bad idea. As much as I hate to admit it, I've had breakfast here and ordered sandwiches to take home for later. They're that good. I like the lunches better than breakfast. Corned beef, pastrami...you name it, they're all great. The New Yorker is my favorite because it's loaded with meat and cole slaw.

1658 Saint Clair Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA

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Posted: 11/25/2012 12:24:08 AM

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no description available

305 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA


Posted: 11/27/2012 2:12:11 PM

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I went for lunch (the line at Di'nics was too long) so apparently I missed what this place is known for, breakfast.

1200 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

Fisherman's Net

Posted: 11/23/2012 2:40:33 PM

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I came here for lunch after seeing Jeff Mauro go on $24 in 24 hours. I had the bread bowl of clam chowder and a crab cake. I was not blown away by it and was actual disappointed in it. The crab cake wasn't good and the clam chowder was ok. I honestly think legal seafoods is better. I wouldn't go here again

200 S Market St, Boston, MA 02109, USA

Fulton Brewery

Posted: 11/24/2012 10:36:03 PM

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no description available

414 6th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA

Gooey Looie's

Posted: 12/7/2012 9:31:17 PM

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The cheesesteak was even bigger than I remembered it, and was filled with flavor; if it were halved in size, it would still stand beat the pants off of many other cheesesteaks around here. The turkey hoagie was no smaller and also a scrumptious feast, and my lady's tasty corned beef was about the size of a small accordion. We got all this on Monday, and I'm eating the last of it for dinner tonight, on Thursday. There's just so much of it. A parting note - they don't have bacon. They ALMOST lost a star for not offering bacon. I'm utterly baffled by their lack of bacon. The fact that I'm letting it slide should speak volumes for their food, because let me tell you - I really love bacon.

231 McClellan Street Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA

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Honey One BBQ

Posted: 12/8/2012 4:13:14 PM

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This may be the best place to go for rib tips in Chicago (and elsewhere). It is a fairly small joint, very casual, everything served on disposable containers.....but their tips are great and the chicken was equally good. Unless you are extremely hungry, you might consider ordering the medium size order, it was plenty. The sauce complements the meat as well. They also offer hot links, pulled pork chicken wings, fish and even some sandwiches (which may not be smoked) When you enter, the first thing you see is the smoke oven...........unfortunately we did not see it in operation. Well worth the trip!

2241 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA

Maria's Cafe

Posted: 11/5/2012 10:39:21 PM

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I went here with a larger group on a recent Sunday morning. I felt like an idiot trying to get into the place, there are several doors that look like the entrance and the real one was the last I tried. It wasn't packed, which is rare for a decent breakfast place on a Sunday morning. The food was really flavorful, but sadly a little cold.... Everything tasted so good that I'm still giving it four stars, normally cold food would be a deal breaker, but we were still happy. Our group ordered the corn pancakes to "share". I liked them so much that I ate all of my food (a spicy scramble) and most of the pancakes. Needless to say, I didn't need to eat lunch that day.

1113 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA

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Mario's Italian Lemonade

Posted: 11/3/2012 12:48:07 AM

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The lemonade stand was started over 50 years ago when Mario's dad gave him a hammer and told him to knock a hole in the wall of their general store (the place that is now Demitasse Restaurant next door). Mario has kept the tradition that was begun by his grandfather alive by maintaining a steadfast and stubborn insistence on using only the best ingredients and the correct preparation methods. The lemons are all squeezed by hand and he only uses real cane sugar. The inside of the store is like a German operating room...impeccable and spotless. He is the real deal and we need more like him!!!

1068 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA

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