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Joe Foodie

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PieTisserie operates from the storefront window of 1015 Clay. I first noticed them walking by as proprietor Jaynelle (if the Greco-Roman pantheon had a goddess or muse of pies, it would be Jaynelle) offered samples of beet pie. Yes, BEET pie (with sweet potato blended in). Drop-dead delicious.

Restaurant Information

-address: 1015 Clay Street, Oakland, CA 94607, USA
-website http://www.pietisserie.com/
-email address PieTisserie@gmail.com
-no phone number available if you know it and want to help out let us know

Social Media for the PIETIS SERIE Restaurant

-facebook https://www.facebook.com/pietisserie
-twitter https://twitter.com/PieTisserie

Latest Youtube Videos

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title: Pinkie Pie Tin Unboxing Video
description: The Unboxing video that will make you cream your pants.

title: Wushu Madrid 2012 - Pieti Kirkkopelto (FIN) JS
description: Pieti Kirkkopelto (FIN) jianshu - III International Wushu Championships, Madrid 2012 Training Wushu at Helsingin Wushu Ry - http://wushu.fi/


title: Look What I Can Do With A Pie Tin, Eggs, A Broom, and Three Glasses Of Water
description: Look What I Can Do With A Pie Tin, Eggs, A Broom, and Three Glasses Of Water Now Tell Me That’s Not Magic ;-)

title: Matty Conway.Pie tin.wmv
description: I seriously doubt the guy will even remember doing this so I recorded it for posterity (and to embarass him!)…….