9 locations for the tv show "best food ever"

Arcade Restaurant

Posted: 12/8/2012 11:20:07 PM

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**It doesn't get any more Memphis than this!** The Arcade has the honor of being Memphis' oldest restaurant. Speros Zepatos founded the diner in 1919 after immigrating from Cephalonia, Greece. Situated at the corner of South Main Street and G.E. Patterson, the original building was a small, one story, wood framed building. Food was actualy cooked on potbelly stoves! In 1925, Speros tore down the wood structure and built the Arcade Building in a Greek revival style, complete with retail stores to signify the "Arcade" name.

540 S Main Street Memphis, TN 38103, USA

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Beth's Cafe

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Established in 1954 as a nickel slots gambling parlor by Beth and Harold Eisenstadt, Beth's Cafe is now World Famous for our hearty, delicious breakfasts including the enormous 12 egg omelette. Beth's has been featured on the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food", "World's Best Places to Pig Out", Food Network's "Top 5 Big Breakfasts", as well as numerous local and national publications. Beth's Cafe is just 5 minutes north of downtown Seattle on Highway 99 (Aurora Ave N.) between 73rd Street and Winona in the Greenlake neighborhood. Come see what everyone's talking about!

7311 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

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Flamingo Diner

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no description available

31 Montgomery Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA

Miss Worcester Diner

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no description available

300 Southbridge Street Worcester, MA 01608, USA

Ria's Bluebird

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've generally stayed away from this place just because I hate waiting in line when I'm hungry and when I wake up from a night of debauchery, the LAST thing I want to do is wait in line for an hour to get food. Luckily, my fellow government employee friend and I were able to go on one of those random government holidays that no one else gets off. We both had the burrito with black beans and I ordered guac as my side. I also ordered a short stack of pancakes since that's what they are known for. I'm much more of a savory person (and love breakfast burritos) so I really enjoyed my breakfast burrito. There was tons of sour cream and salsa verde on top and it was HUGE, I couldn't finish it all (granted there was also the short stack). The pancakes were good, again I'm much more of a savory person so I only had a few bites and I was satisfied.

421 Memorial Drive Southeast Atlanta, GA 30312, USA

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Rock Springs Cafe

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Rock Springs Cafe is a long-established restaurant with an impeccable reputation - favorite dinners that are just like home, in an atmosphere that adds spice and flavor to every menu item. Order our nationally famous pies for pick-up or delivery. Our pies are shipped fresh anywhere in the country

35769 S Old Black Canyon Hwy Black Canyon City, AZ 85324

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Sam's Morning Glory Diner

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Life is too short to drink bad coffee… Life is too short in general…so at the Morning Glory we’re all about prolonging the simple pleasures…like a perfect cup of coffee, a memorable meal…and a buttery biscuit topped with homemade jam. Simple. Good. Delicious.

735 S 10th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA

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The Chicago Diner

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NO MEAT When Hornick and his partner, “Chef Jo” Kaucher, opened the restaurant in 1983, critics, loan officers and family members alike scoffed at the idea, some vehemently. “It’s like we were going against apple pie and mom and the whole thing,” Hornick recalled. “Big shot advertising guys came in and said you’re pissing against the wind.” Their answer was to create an atmosphere as American as mini malls, decorating the place with vintage ads and neon lights and serving up heaping helpings of comfort food, but without the meat. “Instead of burgers, we have veggie burgers,” explains Kauchner, who, together with a long line of collaborators in the kitchen, created the Diner’s menu and authored The Chicago Diner Cookbook. “Instead of french fries we serve home fries,” she adds. They also offer vegan milkshakes, a Philly Cheese “Steak,” with homemade seitan in place of beef, biscuits & vegetarian gravy and not dogs for the kids.

3411 N Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60657, USA

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I really couldn't have asked for better experience. The perogis were delicious with a large variety to choose from. Sausage - yes! Soup - get it! I loved everything we ordered off the menu and the sassy charm of our exhausted waitress was a treat.

144 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003, USA

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